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zomei z888 portable stable magnesium alloy digital camera tripod monopod ball head for digital slr dslr camera купить по лучшей цене

Compact Design with Quick Release Compact design with folded length of 30cm,the maximum height can reach up to 135cm. Dual spirit level, three adjustment knobs design damping effect ball head, realizing any angle shooting, precise and efficient. Quick release plate with secure clip and rubber mat, double securing your camera from Easy to Carry and Convenient to Storage A portable pocket makes it easy to carry. The center axis inverted function ensures you lowest shooting. 180 degree folded designed tripod leg structure, convenient for storage. Detachable design, can be used as a monopod. 5 Section Flexible Tripod 5-section tripod with quick release leg locking design, provides high flexibility in the adjustment of the height. Turnable ball head(300mm) design with panorama base that photographers can adjust the angle flexibly. Better Casting and Texture Adopts the most advanced casting technology, realizing the combination of excellent texture and better quality. Damping Effect Design Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera. it will be best choice for DSLR camera in your travel. Specification Product Brand QZSD Product Name Portable Camera Tripod Material Aluminum alloy Product Weight 1.26kg Max. Loading Weight 5kg Section 5 Storage Length 30cm Max. Height 1330mm Ball Head Diameter 30mm Single Leg Height 135mm Leg Diameter Max. 25mm
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