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zomei z888 portable stable magnesium alloy digital camera tripod monopod ball head for digital slr dslr camera купить по лучшей цене

The Benro iTrip IT15 tripod is the perfect option for photographers and videographers on the go with its unique reverse folding legs making it a highly compact camera accessory. Whether you are an amateur or professional this tripod is highly user friendly with its quick flip leg locks providing simple setup and dismantling. With its removable legs the Benro iTrip IT15 tripod can easily be transformed into a monopod without additional tools and it’s bubble level ensure precise camera levelling. Features Unique Reverse Folding Legs Making these tripods small enough to take anywhere. Flip Locks The iTrip 5-section tripod features quick flip leg locks providing simple setup and breakdown. Flexibility The tripod legs can be independently locked into place at 3 different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters or uneven ground. Additional Stability A hook, located on the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang a camera bag or additional weight for increased stability. Center Column The center column can be reversed for low-level photography. iTrip Tripod Converts into a Monopod The removable leg and center column combine to make a full size monopod without tools. Ball Head with Arca-Swiss Style Quick Release The iTrip ball head features an Arca-Swiss style quick release with a double safety lock to prevent your camera from accidentally slipping out of the quick-release clamp. Bubble Level Provides precise leveling. High Quality iTrip Travel Tripods are manufactured from high quality aluminum with magnesium alloy castings. Specifiation Max. Load Capacity 4kg (8.8 lbs) Material Aluminum Alloy Lock System Flip Lock Number of Sections 5 Sections Folded Length 395mm Max. Height (center column extended) 1475mm Max. Height (center column NOT extended) 1245mm Min. Height 395mm Self Weight 1.26kg (2.8 lbs) Max. Leg Pipe Diameter 23mm Min. Leg Pipe Diameter 11mm Mounting Screw Diameter (tripod to ball head) 3/8" Mounting Screw Diameter (QR plate to camera) 1/4" QR Plate Compatibility Arca-Swiss Standard Package Included 1 x Benro iTrip IT15 Aluminum Travel Tripod, 1 x Ball Head, 1 x Carry Box
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