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Wirless Bluetooth 360 Degree Rotation Panorama Tripod Head Bracket Stand With Remote Control For GoPro Sports Camera Android IOS Smartphone Feature: System Supported: ISO 5.0 or more updated, Samsung Android 2.3.6 or more updated, Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 Bluetooth 3.0/4.0, low power consumption, high speed without delay Panorama head connected to the infrared remote control Efficient distance is 5 meters Panorama head has lithium battery, continuous working time is more than 3 hours (fully recharged) Main Function: Remote panorama head for selfie shoot Remote control has eight buttons: power button, camera button, motor fast button, motor slow button, motor left button, motor right button, motor right/left loop button, 10s button (motor rotation 0-5 degree per 10s) Specification: Color: Black Max Load: 500g Battery Capacity: 450mAh Working Current: 5mA Working Voltage: 4.2V Charging V oltage: 5V Charging Time: 3 hours ( fully recharged) Rated Voltage: 4.5V DC Rotational Speed: 2-5 r/min Clip Size: Approx. 0-15mm/ 0-0.59 inch Size: Approx. 6.7 x 5.8cm/ 2.56 x 2.28 inch Kindly Note: The red indicatorturns on while being recharged. Fully recharged, the red indicator turns off. Circuit Board Signal Light: Red Light: charge indicator; the red indicator turns on while being recharged. Fully recharged, the red indicator turns off Green Light: Bluetooth connection indicator. Bluetooth is not connected while green light flashes per 1 or 2s Blue Light: Heads operative function change indicator Blue Light flashes while heads operative function changed Package included: 1 x 360 Degree Panorama Head ( Not included Black Clip ) 1 x Remote Control 1 x USB Cable 1 x Adapter For Gopro 1 x Silver Phone Clip 1 x Chinese/ English Instructions Detail pictures:
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