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xiletu professional video camera fluid drag tripod head with quick release for dslr camera camcorder shooting купить по лучшей цене

Features Made of high - strength aluminum alloy, this DSLR Camera Camcorder Tripod + Fluid Head Kit is a good choice for the professional photographer. Loading Capacity up to 6kg. Max Operating Height is 1330mm. Versatile -70°to +90°tilt range, 360°pan range. Fluid damping head system for smooth rotate and tilt for recording. Extendable 370~580mm long handle can be installed on the right or left of head for inching adjusting. A Built-in bubble level for horizontal position. 1/4" and 3/8" male thread screw can be detached and installed for different devices. Dual-Lock for quick-release plate and the second safety locking pin prevents equipment from unexpected drop. Large quick release plate for better bearing of DV or cameras. The legs utilize large ergonomic lock adjustment knobs design for fast tripod height adjustment with strong locking. The metal mid-spreader makes the tripod more stable. Rubber feet for smooth or uneven ground to prevent skidding. Three tripod height choices satisfy the different photography requirement. Coming a portable soft case for carrying. Suitable for professional DV, DSLR. Specifications Material Aluminum Alloy + ABS Max Operating Height 1330mm Min Operating Height 645mm Folded Height 700mm Handle Length 370~580mm Pan Head 55 x 120 mm Max Load Capacity 6kg Weight 4.1kg
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