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wood cutter discard type milling cutters for wood for the mill ferramentas para madeira four sided planer knives free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Material: HSS. Blade number: a blade/three blade. Specification: optional D6.3-60.0. Angle: 90 degree 60 degree perspective of the other belong to non standard made. Package: white plastic box. Chamfering knives: one of chamfering metal processing tools pour round hole and the abnormity edge. Divided into single edge chamfer cutter three edge chamfering knives and round hole chamfer cutter; With 60 degree 90 degree and 120 degree angle. Assembly in the milling machine drilling machine planer chamfering machine and other machine tools used for processing the workpiece of 60 degrees or 90 degrees of chamfering and cone hole its Angle of cutting tool belong to the vertical milling cutter. Not only suitable for ordinary mechanical product chamfer befuddled Angle is more suitable for precision processing parts of chamfering and deburring. Such as aviation war industry automobile industry oil gas electric valve the engine cylinder body cylinder sphere hole the inner hole. High precision and low roughness; Widely used for various processing equipments.
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