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video About 70% car accidents on the highway are caused by the blow-out of the tires. The Tire Pressure Monitor is designed for tire pressure monitoring, which plays a rather important role in the safety of drive. It can help to monitor the real-time tire pressure and battery voltage. The LCD screen will display the data for you clearly. When there is something abnormal with the pressure, the monitor would inform you immediately to reduce the danger as much as possible. Features Real-time tire pressure and temperature and vehicle battery power monitoring as well, reduce driving risks and fuel consumption, prolong lifetime of tires; the data is updated every three seconds. With a large LCD screen, the pressure and temperature of 4 tires and vehicle battery voltage will be shown on it simultaneously to help you know the car tire condition. Abnormal status alert, which can remind you of the abnormal condition of tire pressure, temperature, leak, battery voltage, and the alarm range can be set. Wireless signal transferred by the sensors on the tires of your car. Build-in large capacity sensor battery. Sensors batteries will last up to 2 to 3 years. There are two pressure unit including PSI and Bar; and two manners to install including cigarette lighter and monitor holder, very convenient. Specifications Brand CAREUD Model U903 WF Receive Frequency 433.92MHz Display Type Digital Working Temperature -20°C-80°C Storage Temperature -40°C-125°C Working Voltage DC 8V-16V Working Current ≥20mA Sensor Size 15 x 23 mm Sensor Battery Life About two to three years Package Contents 1 x U903 WF Tire Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cigarette Lighter Connector, 1 x Holder, 4 x External Sensor, 5 x Screw Nut, 1 x Wrench, 1 x Open End Wrench, 1 x Car Charger, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Install Manual
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