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universal hotaudio dasaita built in tpms car tire pressure monitoring system car tire diagnostic tool with mini inner sensor купить по лучшей цене

This U906 tire pressure monitoring system is designed to effectively monitor the air pressure and temperature of tires to avoid possible damage caused by tire leak during driving, prevent abnormal wear of tires and improve fuel efficiency. This system comes with one tire pressure monitor and four sensors. It's used for real-time detection of the pressure and temperature inside the tires. Sensors send the data to the display through radio frequency and they show on the LCD screen after received and processed. Once there are abnormal conditions, it will deliver warning signal for driver to notice. Features Use the cigarette lighter or power line for option to get electricity. Comes with LCD display and 4 internal sensors, and there is a holder to help to adjust angle and easy installation. Monitor the temperature and pressure with high degree accuracy, display for 4 tires all at once. Save fuel, foresee air leakage, reduce tire wear out, balance tire pressure, and ensure safety driving. RF wireless technology, auto-alarm when tire pressure and temperature is abnormal. With two pressure unit "PSI, bar" and two temperature unit "°C, °F" for option. Support tire position exchange function. Sensor protection grade up to IP5K4K, no more worry about the extreme conditions. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The battery of NF+ sensor can be replaced when running out of power, while the battery of WF sensor can not be replaced. Also, the NF+ sensor needS to be installed on your tire while the WF sensor can be put on the valve of your tire directly. Specifications Brand CAREUD Type Car tire pressure monitoring system Model U906 WF Package Contents 1 x U906 Monitor, 1 x Holder, 1 x Cigarette Lighter, 1 x Spanner, 1 x Power Charger Line, 4 x Tire Valve, 4 x Sensor Display Parameter Operating Temperature ( -20°C-85°C) Storage Temperature ( -40°C-125°C) Input Voltage DC8V-24V Transmission Frequency 433.92 MHz Size (L x W x H) mm 32 x 51 x 32 mm Weight 29g Sensor Parameter Sensor Model WF Operating Temperature (-40°C- 120°C) Storage Temperature (-40°C- 120°C) Pressure Range 0-116psi (0-8bar) Pressure Accuracy 5PSI (±1bar) Standby Current 1μA Working Current 15mA Accuracy Temperature ± 3°C Transmitting Power 2 years(2-4 hours of driving everyday) Size Height: 13mm; Diameter: 18mm Weight 9.5g
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