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the use of visual materials in teaching english vocabulary купить по лучшей цене

There is little doubt that vocabulary is one of the core components of language without which the story of language learning is hardly worth telling. Claims that one may learn a language without learning words may be like a surgeon claiming that the operation was a success, but that the patient died. Despite the consensus on the undeniable role of vocabulary in language learning, the relevant literature does not seem to offer a rosy picture of the current ways of teaching L2 vocabulary. For this, one can point the finger of blame partially at presentation techniques. To help resolve part of the controversy, the present book compares the effects of three commonly used techniques of vocabulary teaching; namely, glossing, semantic mapping, and imagery on L2 vocabulary comprehension and production. Apart from the results of an empirical analysis, it also includes a relatively comprehensive review of the relevant literature on the topic. The reading of this book is suggested for those who are interested in carrying out research on the issues raised or addressed in this book. The book may also be of interest to second/foreign language learners, teachers and materials developers.
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