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the use of song lyrics in teaching english tenses купить по лучшей цене

Macmillan English Explorers is an eight-level reading scheme written specifically for children learning English in kindergarten and primary schools. Informed by the National Literacy Strategy and by teaching methodology for first language speakers of English, Macmillan English Explorers are supported by an understanding of the needs of young learners and teachers of English. The scheme, which currently has 48 readers plus supplementary materials, can be used alongside any primary course. Key Features: - 48 titles complemented by a variety of supplementary resources - The rich variety of texts, from original fiction to legends, means any child can enjoy reading, wherever their interests lie - Comprehension Workbooks develop a range of reading skills - The Teacher's Notes support structured whole-class teaching with page-by-page lesson notes - Teacher's Notes and Resource Site with tests, word-recognition activities and audio - 'Comprehension Extra' activities in the Teacher's Notes encourage students to consider aspects of the text such as characterisation, style and plot
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