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the use of song lyrics in teaching english tenses купить по лучшей цене

STRAIGHTFORWARD Second edition is now even more experienced in providing English for adults and young adults at all levels. Clear student progression and self checking (CEFR). Flexible and adaptable. Intuitive, easy-to-follow format. Supported by one of the most comprehensive Teacher's Books around. Pick-up-and-use practicality. Key Features: Extensive teaching notes and extra ideas for every lesson in STRAIGHTFORWARD plus detailed notes on the language and cultural content of the Student's Book. Regular methodology sections and five new videos from Jim Scrivener's Learning Teaching 3rd Edition offer practical teaching ideas and advice. The Teacher's Resource Disc includes new class video material from the BBC and ITN plus accompanying worksheets, unit photocopiables, progress tests and self-assessment checklists. Access to the Straightforward Practice Online website for students and the ability to monitor their progress. Further materials and resources available from www.macmillanenglish.com/straightforward

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