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This book is motivated by an insistent curiosity to accurately understand the assertion that English Language Teaching is not something of a closed box concerned only with technical matters and didactic routines; rather the operation is fraught with socio-political and economic ideologies. Actually, ELT is perceived as a complex machinery that normalizes and propagates certain ELT principles as “taken for granted” assumptions that would keep the English- speaking countries the main monopolizers of resources and information, the legal owners of knowledge and the inter-continental exporters of innovation and expertise. In a neo-colonial era, it seems that ELT has substituted military machinery to act as a socio-political tool at the West’s disposal to maintain their hegemony, assert their supremacy and exert power over their former colonies in a bid to realize their socio-political and economic interests. To investigate this very controversial assertion, the book focuses exclusively on some popular foreign and local English Language Centers (ELC) through a critical discourse analysis of slogans, texts and pictorial prompts in their websites to provide answers to the book's hypothesis
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