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the use of song lyrics in teaching english tenses купить по лучшей цене

Within the context of globalization, digital age, and modern technology, the English language has become an international language and crucial medium of intercultural communication between people from various cultures. However, cultural differences, stereotypes, prejudices, biases, and different worldviews may constitute a stumbling block in effective intercultural communication. Therefore, this may require new approaches to foreign language teaching and learning. The status quo of teaching practices in many EFL university contexts highlights the linguistic and literary competences, without giving enough attention to the development of cultural knowledge and ICC as new objectives in the English language pedagogy. These objectives are advocated in cutting- edge- knowledge in the field of EFL and current research. The new approaches have revolutionized and modernized the teaching of English in many countries with the purpose of helping students to use English communicatively and interculturally and become international citizens. This research explores EFL teachers beliefs regarding the concepts of culture and ICC and their roles in teaching English in EFL university context.
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