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the use of song lyrics in teaching english tenses купить по лучшей цене

The present book is research based evidence of “A study of achievement in English of standard IX students of Vadodara district”.The main aim was to study the achievement of students of standard IX of Vadodara District in English language with respect to achievement and oral communication test, gender, location of school, teacher’s experience, teacher’s qualification, caste, content, school and SVS. The study also investigated the problems faced by teachers and students in English. The study identified common errors committed by the students while writing in English. Multistage sampling method was used for selecting sample.The findings revealed that achievement in English of standard IX students of Vadodara district is average. Achievement of girls in English is higher than boys. Most of the teachers observed that the students committed errors in use of articles, propositions, tenses, order of words, capital letters, pronunciation, choosing correct words, pauses, intonation, stress. So there is a need to improve the level of English teaching at secondary level.It will be helpful to policy maker,Secondary teacher educators,trainers as well as teachers,principals and resource persons.
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