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Online teaching (OT) is an emerging trend in Pakistan with approximately ten years background. During this brief time period online pedagogy has faced many challenges to establish itself as an equal counterpart of conventional classroom teaching. Whether it has achieved its desired outcomes or not is a debatable issue. This case study has been conducted to examine this very issue of the effectiveness of online teaching by narrowing it down to the subject of Business and Technical English (BTE) at the graduate and postgraduate levels at the one and only major online teaching institution of Pakistan i.e., Virtual University. The study explores how effective is the learning of Business and Technical communication Skills in English language that comes from online mode of instruction and to what extent it leads to proficiency in documentation for professional purposes. The study makes use of the Connectivist theory by Siemens (2004) to reach its desired findings. However, to improve certain limitations, the research also suggests some recommendations. The study further leads to the development and implementation of remedial strategies towards effective communication and writing skills.

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