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the use of song lyrics in teaching english tenses купить по лучшей цене

This study sought to establish how teachers of English use drama techniques to teach. It aimed to establish how effective language teaching could be achieved through use of drama techniques that enhance authentic language use through learners’active participation. The study addressed the missing link between teachers methodology, choice of content and learners participation that justified the need to use classroom drama with shortcomings in the latest publications of English course-textbooks in mind. The study revealed that use of drama techniques was limited because teachers selected approaches that would enable them to easily complete the syllabus. In addition, drama techniques use was challenged by inadequate time allocated for teaching of English and the teachers unpreparedness to use it because of the tasks involved in preparation for such lesson. The study recommended that lessons be preceded with drama,or activities that stimulate learners. There was need to select a method that would ensure that learning was student-centered rather than teacher-centered. The findings would be useful for teachers and course designers for the improvement of quality of teaching and learning.
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