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This Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover is an amazing tool that can save you hundreds of dollars in scratch repair bills. It fills the protective surface above the paint that gets scratched off when you ding or nick your car. This filling then dries in the sun and makes the scratch seem to magically disappear. Fix It Pro Portable Car Scratch Remover Repair Pen Design for clear coat scratch repair filler and sealer. Non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant. Fix It works on any car, in any color. Easy to use, just 3 easy steps, first apply Fix It, buff it into the scratch or scuff, and then just wipe away. Note: The Pen does not remove dents or deep scratches! Specifications Name Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover Repair Pen Type Car Scratch Remover Pen Product Weight 46g Product Length 5.5 inch Package Weight 100g Package Size 15 x 5 x 5cm Package Contents 1 x Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover Repair Pen
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