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the determinants efficiency and profitability of islamic banks купить по лучшей цене

In the last two decades, Islamic banking all around the world has shown remarkable success in entering the mainstream market. Will the Islamic banks be able to sustain their growth in the future? This book describes the most important current issues and challenges facing Islamic banking in the world by offering insights into factors like the political and legal infrastructure, the current issues relating to the efficiency of Islamic banks, their competitiveness, effectiveness of their management, their Shariah-compliance image, opportunities/ areas for investment, the need for improved knowledge and inclination of the potential customers and the general trend of growth. These factors in turn determine if the Islamic banks will be able to sustain their growth in the future. Though the study relates to Balochistan, the results may well be generalized to the Islamic banking all over the globe. Therefore, this book offers students of management/ finance, teachers, bankers, policy makers and many other stakeholders dependable knowledge about the courses of action Islamic banks need to follow not only to maintain with their present-day success but also sustain their growth in the future.

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