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After some twenty years of performing as a professional musician I have come to the conclusion that essentially I am more of a pop musician than a classical one. To pop musicians, the music is the vehicle of their expression, not vice versa, as is common practice in classical music. Of course, ideally, both will benefit from each other. But the attitude is different. So I seek and arrange music that gets me going. Paganini has done the job for me on many occasions. One of them was a commission by the Dutch Noord Nederlands Orkest who asked me to perform Paganini's Second Violin Concerto on a tour in 2001. Together with the violinist Rudolf Koelman, I worked on arranging and mastering it for a year. Not enough. The performances came too early - I dare to admit now, ten years after... The famous last movement La Campanella (that inspired so many other composers like Schumann and Liszt) has stuck with me to this day, mainly because in its present form, just like its virtuosic counterpart Capriccio no. 24, it displays 21s,-century saxophone-playing to the fullest. I made a shortened version: All of the actual music is in it, only repetitions have been removed, turning it (if performed well) into a breathtaking piece of saxophone wizardry.
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