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strategies for teaching english language pronunciation to l2 learners купить по лучшей цене

The strategies for teaching English have undergone various changes due to the gradual changes in the approaches that underpin language learning. This study sought to investigate how teachers of English in a Tanzanian secondary school use various strategies to help learners develop communicative competence in English. The literature reveals that the teaching of English in Tanzania is encumbered by many challenges. The study confirmed that both teachers and students face challenges that impede the use of more effective. strategies in developing language competence. Such challenges include learners’ language background, inadequate teaching and learning resources and teachers’ lack of knowledge and skills in using CLT methodology, coupled with poor teacher training among other challenges. In addition, the findings established that though the teachers of English endeavor to use a variety of strategies, there is a need to improve the way these strategies are used so as to develop communicative language competence in learners. The study recommends that teachers of English should employ more interactive CLT strategies that would enhance communicative language competence in learners.
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