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sound activated 433 92mhz 1 to 1 wireless key finder blue black 1 x cr2032 купить по лучшей цене

Our Wireless Electronic Lost Key Finder can help you to find your misplaced keys, wallet, handbag, or other easily lost items, quickly. With just one press on the color-coded button, the receiver will emit a beeping sound and flashes a bright LED. Thanks to its built-in lamp, it can even work as a torch at night. Both receiver and transmitter are lightweight and small in size, and easy to carry around and operate. Big Button Design Easy to operate, and especially suited to older people. Five Receivers Each of the receivers corresponds with one of the five color coded buttons on the transmitter. Comes with Keyrings & Stickers Can attach to key ring or you can also stick it to anything with the adhesive tabs. Torch Function With built-in LED flashlight, it can also work as a torch at night. Perfect Gift A great gift for that person who always forgets something. Specifications Housing Material ABS Color Black / White Frequency 433.92MHz Receiver Volume 85dB Operating Distance 10m-30m (according to the wireless signal) Standby Power 0.5mA Working Power 4.2mA Working Time 6-12 months Battery for Transmitter 27A / 12V alkaline battery Battery for Receiver CR2032 (3V) Package Weight 143 g Package Size 12.2 x 2.1 x 20.6 cm Package Contents 1 x Transmitter5 x Receivers5 x Keyrings6 x Stickers1x Supporting Base1 x User Manual
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