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This cute tiny musical instrument comes with 8 pre-programmed songs allowing you to play along or create your own masterpiece. Features 8 pre-programmed classic songs. Use the Song Selection button and pick the song you want to play. Squeeze its mouth as if he is actually singing. The single note chord has three phases High, Middle and Low. Pocket size to take and play anywhere Key chain included. Available in four colors. How to play: 1. Pick a song - Use the Song Selection button and pick the song you want to play. 2. Make sure you play it right - Just to make sure you are playing the song right, press the Demo button and listen to how it's supposed to be played. 3. Start playing - Once you select the song you want to play, start playing by pressing the Play button. Simply press the Press button to the rhythm of the song you are playing. Otamatone Melody is so amazing and cool, it will start playing that song! Specifications MaterialABS, electronic components Product Size9.5 x 8 x 4 cm  Package Contents1 x Otamatone

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