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social sufferings of widows in nepal купить по лучшей цене

The complex relations of cultural ecology and conflict can be a good avenue to explore various dynamics of diverse Nepalese society through social research. Gradually, indigenous people are becoming able to talk about opportunities for them and rights of the people. They are demanding equitable share of their community and members of the community in development activities as well as national socio-cultural systems in Nepal. They are becoming aware about the identity crisis of their community.This study generally focuses on the relationship between human and environment, and community with new changes in post-conflict society at micro level. This study aims at exploring existing pattern of conflict and relations of an indigenous community with new changes in social and ecological structure in post-conflict Nepal. Moreover, this study focuses to ascertain knowledge about the relation of an indigenous community with natural resources; deals about the existing pattern of conflict in an indigenous community; analyze the changes occurred in socio-economic condition of the community; and find out the strategies taken by Bankariya community to cope with new composite social structure.

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