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shower faucets luxury gold bathroom rainfall shower faucet set mixer tap with hand sprayer wall mounted bath shower head hj 859k купить по лучшей цене

Description: Rotatable Stainless Steel Top Rainfall Pressure Shower Head Set With Hose And Holder Numbers of needle shape design greatly increase 300% water pressure and save 50% water. Special design allows it to be used as both a hand held shower head and top rainfall shower head. The shower head can rotate 360 degree. When the shower head is adjusted to tilt angle it can be used as a hand held shower head. When it is adjusted to vertical angle, the shower can be used as a top rainfall shower head and the water pressure increase 300%. AH-MFS bulit in can effectively reduce chlorine, heavy metal, impurity substance, baterium and so on. Specification: Material: the panel is stainless steel, the handle is ABS, the yellow part is rubber Size of the hose mouth: about 1/2 Inch Characteristic: 360 degree rotation Size of panel: about 15cm/6 Inch Function: AH-MFS bulit in, negative ion ball Technology: LUV technology, air hybrid techonly Package included: 1xShower head Or 1 x Shower Head 1 x Hose 1 x Shower head holder 1 x Screw set Detail pictures:
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