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The technique of cotton spinning crystallized at the beginning of the industrial revolution. The ring spinning was perfected at the end of the 19th century. The first ideas, which led to the era of open-end spinning, appeared at the end of the 19th century. The basic principle of open-end spinning is the separation of twisting and yarn winding. Compared with ring spinning, open-end spinning increases machine productivity several times. There are many kinds of open-end spinning systems, which include rotor spinning, air-jet spinning, and friction spinning. The first friction-spinning system was patented by Platt-Saco Lowell in 1967 and then developed and presented at the 1983 ITMA exhibition in Milan. The friction-spinning system was also developed by Ernst Fehrer in 1973 and developed and commercialized as DREF-1, DREF-2, DREF-3, DREF-5, DREF-2000 and DREF-3000. The basic principle of all machines is similar. The maximum delivery speed in staple yarn spinning can be achieved by friction open-end spinning machine up to 500 m/min. This machine is very powerful in producing the multi-component yarns in form of core-sheath composite yarns.
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