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router bit 14 14 60 150 of 2 flutes flat end mills hrc55 carbide end milling tungsten mill cutter cnc machine tool купить по лучшей цене

This Book discuss of the Optimization of tool life in milling using Design of experiment implemented to model the end milling process that are using solid carbide flat end mill as the cutting tool and stainless steels s.s-304 as material due to predict the resulting of Tool life. Data is collected from CNC milling machines were run by 8 samples of experiments using DOE approach that generate table design in MINITAB packages. The inputs of the model consist of feed, cutting speed and depth of cut while the output from the model is Tool life calculated by taylor’s life equation. The model is validated through a comparison of the experimental values with their predicted counterparts. The optimization of the tool life is studied to compare the relationship of the parameters involve. Cutting speed is the greater influence to the tool fatigue criterion which is result the performance of the cutting tool. The proved technique opens the door for a new, simple and efficient approach that could be applied to the calibration of other empirical models of machining.
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