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Learn how Single-Task Construction Robots (STCRs) can improve productivity in the construction industry with this cross-disciplinary text. This third volume in the Cambridge Handbooks in Construction Robotics series discusses the STCRs employed on construction sites since the development of the approach in the 1980s, presents current applications, and highlights upcoming trends in the construction automation and robotics field. Two hundred different types of STCR are presented, from the simplest models comprising simple manipulators and mobile platforms, to those utilizing more sophisticated technologies such as aerial robotics, swarm robotics, exoskeletons, additive manufacturing technologies, self-assembling building structures, and humanoid robotics. Real-world case studies demonstrate the different application scenarios for each approach, and highlight the key implementation and management issues. With an easy-to-follow structure, and including hundreds of color illustrations, it provides an excellent toolkit for professional engineers, researchers, and students.
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