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restorative justice for juveniles купить по лучшей цене

Finding justice for women in post-conflict situations such as is the case for the women in northern Uganda has proved to be a daunting challenge. In recent times, although efforts have focused on the ICC as an alternative avenue, a number of legal, policy, and attitudinal challenges from individuals, groups, institutions and states still pose difficulties and have proved obstacles for progress in the pursuit for justice against the perpetrators of crimes. As a result crimes such as rape, forced impregnation, sexual slavery, mutilation and abduction of children remain challenges to the very establishment of the ICC, and people looking up-to it as an alternative. Thus, women remain a fundamentally violated, abused and dehumanized category of justice seekers. This book presents on how retributive justice is a preferred option for the women in northern Uganda in order to see justice dispensed against those who committed crimes against them during the Joseph Kony Conflict.

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