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nordic wrought iron simple modern pendant lamp with led bulb dinning room light cafe lamp e27 110v 220v free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Description: E27 E14 B22 LED Bulb 9W SMD 4014 138 900LM Pure White/Warm White Corn Light Lamp AC 220V Model: LED Corn Bulb Connector : E27/E14/B22 Light Source : SMD 4014 LED Quantity : 138 Bulb Color : Transparent Color : Waem White Color Temperature: Warm White Wattage : 9W Voltage : AC220V Lumens : 900Lm Beam Angle : 360Degree Dimension(mm) : 103 x 39.4mm/107 x 39.4mm/101 x 39.4mm Product Weight : 0.05Kg Features: Brand new and high quality LED Bulb,No shadow,no VU and IR radiation. Long Service life, high luminous efficiency. Energy Saving, low heat and lower power consumption. Great Reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly. With 360 beam angle, the bulb can give out light omnidirectional. More Energy efficient than Incandescent and most Halogen Lamps. No lead and mercury, no ultraviolet rays and other pollution elements. Application: Entertainment Lighting, Architectural Lighting, City Beautification, Portalbe Lighting, Illumination and decoration at home and public areas Suitable for hotel, dining-room,meeting room, drawing room,showroom, shop,corridor, Telephone booth,studio and exhibition etc. Packge Included : 1x LED Corn Bulb Detail picture :
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