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Video Booming ballon is the crazy game where you take turns at trying not to pop the balloon! The game is very exciting because you never know when the balloon will pop. The set is easy to assemble and portable to carry, the party or travel will never be boring with this booming balloon game set. Features The crazy game where all players take turns pushing a stick into the balloon without letting it pop. Kids will have a blast with this buster balloon game that ends with a bang. Roll the die and push the stick in the balloon the number of times on the die. Can be played by 2 or more players, suitable for age 8+. Easy to assemble and portable to carry, making your party/travel full of fun. Specifications Material Plastic, rubber Suitable For Age 8+ Product Size 38 x 43 x 42 cm Package Contents 9 x Poking Sticks, 1 x Dice, 9 x Balloons, 1 x Balloon Frame
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