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Interferential therapy is the transcutaneous application of alternating medium frequency electrical currents, amplitude modulated at low frequency for therapeutic procedures. It is an electrotherapeutic modality implemented to attain various therapeutic benefits for instance: drug delivery, pain reduction etc. The high frequency modality operates by interfering two low frequency currents and producing a medium frequency current that mimics the physiological effects of the low frequency currents but is not at all discomfort able than its counterpart. The main objective of this review manuscript is to present an overview of various application procedures of the Interferential therapy and to determine its physiological effects upon the soft tissues i.e. muscles, fascia etc. so as to determine its efficacy for rehabilitation in sports and musculoskeletal disorders. The following study is designated as a literature review of relevant text and studies published. The review study also explains the various types of applicable electrodes employed to deliver the necessary treatment, various treatment precautions and contraindications have also been briefly explained.

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