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nematodes associated with maize and their control купить по лучшей цене

The prevalence and intensity of intestinal geohelminth nematodes is high in school going children.This work was done to determine the relationships between the prevalence and intensities of soil transmitted intestinal geohelminthiases in comparison with: sanitary resources and conditions, personal hygiene, behavioral habits, and socio- economic status of households. Fruit washing and defecation site at night have been associated with Trichuris and hookworm infections. Personal hygiene and behavioral habits have been identified as major risk factors in the transmission of intestinal geohelminthiases. The original finding of this work supports the need for the regular school-based deworming program for the control of intestinal geohelminth nematodes in primary schools. Other counter measures such as public health education on personal hygiene,behavioral habits, and sanitary resources and their conditions should be adopted to minimize the prevalence of intestinal geohelminth nematodes and reduce the infections. Inside this book more control measures would lead to elimination of geohelminthic infection in children, lifting the burden on school going children.
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