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nematodes associated with chilli and their control купить по лучшей цене

Research work was conducted with tests and experimentations for the evaluation of effective integrated control measures against seedling mortality of chilli caused by Sclerotium rolfsii and Colletotrichum capsici. Two separate sets of experiment were conducted by inoculating the soil and the chilli seeds with S. rolfsii and C. capsici respectively, and then treated with the six compatible treatment combination sets along with two control sets for evaluation. In both the experiments, the growth of S. rolfsii and C. capsici were inhibited, and chilli seed infection by these fungi were checked by the separate application of T. harzianum isolate, Chaetomium globosum isolate, Vitavax-200 and garlic extract, significantly, in compare with all other individual control measures. Significantly effective control of seedling mortality of chilli was observed when both soil and seedling were inoculated with S. rolfsii and C. capsici treated with T. harzianum, C. globosum, Vitavax-200 and garlic extract combindly (T9) in comparison to any other intgegrated combinations and individual measure. However, efficacy of the measures was much improved when they are applied in integrated approach.
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