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music hall mini stereo digital power amplifier hifi 2 0 audio amp 50w 50w treble bass black with 24v power supply купить по лучшей цене

1/ uses Bluetooth scheme by the British company CSR the transmission distance 15M Bluetooth V2.1+EDR Bluetooth standard completely lossless transmission of high quality music 2/ the same level of maximum capacitance array of 13200 micro method Philips BC capacitor the input coupling capacitor with BP's top Japanese Nichicon MUSE audio series the use of hollow inductance exquisite timbre as audio filter output.3/ input switch and horn protection using high quality components. 4/ Bluetooth wireless and wired audio line double input mode the convenience of different audio access.5/ Bluetooth receiver is perfectly compatible with Windows Android apple mobile phone system and the computer terminal an access the boot can be identified you can use a variety of mobile audio playback of high quality music.6/ with mobility global standard 110-240V power supply full power small heat unperturbed imported into the control chip the output power of up to 100W on the fingertips of music listening playing watching the machine in hand manipulation of worry free high quality HIFI music hi fi sound reduction listen to music play games watch the movie HIFI small other portable desktop study home office all can use dual mode control cable line input wireless Bluetooth wireless input not a plurality of devices connected at the same time only the point-to-point connection of a device play Android love apple with the Bluetooth power amplifier a machine in the hand manipulation of worry free power play finger on the dance using mobile phone PAD and other portable devices sound system using Bluetooth power amplifier connected to the product function assembled whether it is listening to music play games watch movies fingertip operation on portable devices The dynamic music enjoy in the ear. If the terminal equipment you have Bluetooth as long as the connecting products to point through your device build your sound system the real experience to Carmageddon collide each other pleasure play the sniper listen to enemy small foot sound. Color: Black Material: Aluminum Bluetooth hi fi wireless transmission point-to-point transmission Power: 100W 50W+50W 4Ω /8Ω Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ Efficiency: 81%/4Ω 100W 88%/8Ω 50W Input sensitivity: 200mV ± 10mV Dynamic range: 100dB Input voltage: 19V-3.42A DC Signal input: RCA gold lotus seat The output signal: a signal output line Joint types: Gold plug Interface: RCA plating Product net weight: 408g (not including accessories) Product size: 15.5cm (L)X9.7cm(W)X4.8cm(high) Packing size: 26.5cm(L)X18.5cm(W)X6.5cm (high)
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