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led 50w the infinite dimmer remote control square acrylic chandelier lamp of the sitting room the bedroom contemporary купить по лучшей цене

This negative oxygen ion touch lamp is a LED desk lamp featuring plant shape which is also a decoration in your room. What it brings to you is not only the healthy lightness but also the clean air and green which benefits from negative ion and bionics design of twig. Negative Anion Desk Lamp Designed for health, eye protection, purify the air and protect you from the radiation Bionics Design Use bionic way to make the lamp looks as a branch, which makes it look alive and its lively and vivid shape makes your office greener. 5 Million Negative Anion Precipitate the dust indoor, and purify the air. Kill germ, active oxygen, prevent you from the computer radiation, solve the air quality problem indoor all-round. High Bright Energy-Saving LED Source 4W LED, lamp brightness up to 600 lumens, 5V USB power supply, energy-efficient, natural and eye-protection color temperature, 5000-6000. Infinite Touch Switch The infinite touch switch can adjust the light brightness satisfied, different brightness reflects different leaves. Specifications BrandDesign-Pie Modelsd-flzd NameNegative Anion Desk Lamp MaterialPMMA plexiglass, silicone Light Color Temperature5000-6000 fluorescent (due to personal perception difference, only for your personal reference) Rated VoltageDC 5V Max Power4.5W Applying EnvironmentBedroom, study room, sitting room, office, etc. Product Weight600g Product Size51.3 x 6.5 cm Package Contents 1 x Desk Lamp1 x Power Cable1 x Manual
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