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Most of farmlands in some developing countries are cultivated based on the farmer’s habits rather than land suitability so over the last few years land suitability evaluation becomes one of the main priorities of research works in the field of agricultural issues. In fact, we need the farming procedures on which the land characteristics meet the crop requirements and lead to the sustainable agricultural production. In this case, land suitability evaluation can provide data on the basis of which we are able to make decision about alternative cultivation in agricultural lands. Moreover new technologies such as remote sensing and geographical information systems have the ability to produce basic maps and interrelate spatially multiple types of information. This book, therefore, provides a method of generating land cover map as a basic map to investigate and show the results of land suitability evaluation. Also a practical instance of land suitability evaluation for major crops cultivated in Ardebil, Iran is investigated. This example should be especially useful to professionals in land evaluation field, agricultural students or anyone else who may be interested in agricultural issues.

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