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The book titled "Land Reforms Policies and Politics in India-A Study of Odisha" is the result of an independent research work carried out by me which highlights the policies of land reforms and status of the implementation of land reforms in Odisha, a state located in the eastern part of India. The book highlights the importance of the land reforms in Odisha, and how various policies related to land reforms influence the agro-based livelihood system of the farmers in the state. The book contains five chapters including introduction and conclusion. The three core chapters of the work based on three broad issues such as policies, programmes and impacts of the land reforms in the state. A detailed analysis of data with research methods of historical analysis have been used to justify the objectives of the study. Starting from the evolution of land reforms during pre-independence period and its rise during the post-independence era, the work argues that "effective implementation of land reforms policies in a state like Odisha can address the long prevailing issues of poverty and hunger". However, the implementation process should be followed in letter and spirit without delay.
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