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jy0606 jy 0606 jieyang aluminum professional tripod for camera stand dslr video tripods fluid head damping купить по лучшей цене

This JIEYANG JY0508A Camera Tripod features aluminum alloy body which makes it durable to withstand rugged use. Comes with fluid head, it is smooth and you can capture your precious moments from any angle you like. It has two screws-1/4 and 3/8, which allows you to mount cameras or DSLR. You can put the tripod into the included carrying bag and carry with you wherever you go. JIEYANG JY0508A Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod with Fluid Head Aluminum alloy body, solid and durable. Classic knob-locking system, enables quick lock and unfold. Fluid head, gives you incredible smooth experience. Longer handle equipped with sponge cover, comfortable to grip. 1/4 and 3/8 screws, compatible with most cameras and DSLR. Comes with a carrying bag, making it easy to carry and portable. Specifications Brand JIEYANG Model JY0508A Material Aluminum alloy Color Black Section 3 Max. Load 5kg Head Type Fluid head Max. Tube Diameter 18mm Min. Tube Diameter 14mm Max. Height 1.61m (including fluid head) Folded Height 81cm (including fluid head) Camera Interface 1/4, 3/8 Max. Handle Length 58cm Min. Handle Length 37cm Product Weight 4.17 kg (including fluid head and handle) Package Weight 4.2 kg Package Size 90 x 10 x 12 cm Package Contents 1 x JIEYANG JY0508A Tripod (Fluid head included) 1 x Handle 1 x Carrying Bag
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