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job satisfaction of bank officers in chennai india купить по лучшей цене

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India. The service provided through the vast network in rural, semi-urban and urban areas is often proved as a people's bank. However, functioning of the bank unlike all other institutions in India is subject to and influenced by the changes brought in over time. In an era of globalization, innovation is frequent and obvious. In fact, the innovated change is managed by human-beings than machine(s), which therefore leads to the need of up-grading the technical as well as managerial skills of human-beings to adopt the change and get involved with the changed environment. Positioning of institution in rural/semi-urban areas with a changed technical environment to work on and the employee satisfaction there from is the core subject of the current book. All strings of human ethics/necessities of social living correlating to its institutional functional capability in the context of a Public Sector Bank are thoroughly presented in the document. Finally, it is attempting to answer two major issues like "Are employees satisfied on the assigned job with a changed environment?" and "How closely job performance and Employee satisfaction related?"

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