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impact of quality of life and job satisfaction on coping strategies купить по лучшей цене

An examination of the relevant literature demonstrates that work engagement has not received adequate empirical attention in the field of positive psychology including tourism and hospitality literature. Hence, a model which examines the impacts of work engagement dimensions (vigor, dedication, and absorption) on service recovery performance, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions was developed and tested. In addition, the relationships among service recovery performance, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions were investigated. With the purpose in mind, frontline employees in the four- and five-star hotels of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, were used as the sample. Based on the results, none of the dimensions of work engagement had a significant effect on service recovery performance and turnover intentions. Of the dimensions of work engagement, vigor was found to have a significant and positive impact on job satisfaction. The rest of the dimensions did not significantly affect job satisfaction. Employees with higher job satisfaction had lower turnover intentions. Service recovery performance did not significantly impact job satisfaction and turnover intentions.
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