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Language teaching came into its own as a profession in the last century. Central to this process was the emergence of the concept of methods of language teaching. This research aims to canvass the views about foreign language teaching methods from the teachers. The perceptions of the teachers regarding the teaching methodologies used in L2 classrooms are highlighted in a broader vision. The use of different 2nd language teaching methodologies are discussed in detail with the addition of their results on the language learning abilities of the students. The L2 classrooms in the universities of Pakistan are also benefited from the standard teaching approaches, though the learning is not taking place as it should be. There is a battle going on in the field of foreign language. This research welcomes the perspective of teachers and investigates the needs and demands of teachers which can be followed to enhance the 2nd language learning process. The significance of the research is educational and opens the way for a brighter future of foreign language teachers who are putting efforts to give their students command on the grammatical competence of English.
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