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In recent years, ISO 9000 has gained significant acceptance in many organizations in Ethiopia. Most of these organizations believe that ISO 9000 can assist them in surviving the unstable business environment and achieving competitive advantage over their competitors. The main motive behind this adoption is that the quality has become increasingly central features that the customers value. Customers are now more aware and looking for quality products and services than they were in previous years. Satisfaction is the focal point for the shift in their behavior. Because of this, some companies use ISO 9000 certification as a way to show their customers that they are quality concern and looking forward to providing only quality products or services (Othman, 2001). ISO 9000 involves adjustment to the organizations. When change is on a large scale, and involves many individuals and divisions, there are problems (Harvey and Brown, 1996; Ferguson & Cheyne, 1995). Employees are assigned with different job and with increased workload and paperwork, change in working environment, change
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