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impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions купить по лучшей цене

The world of today is having a lot of competition in it and the main source for the survival of the organizations is to invest in the assets that give the best profitable return. The most valuable asset today is the employees of the organizations. If the organizations are going well with the employees then there is no doubt in the success of the organization. So in order to be successful, the organizations should provide their employees with the environment that is stress free and having least role conflict. In addition to it the work life balance policies should be designed and implemented in a well manner so as to create a balance in the work life and the family life of the employees. The turnover intention is the phenomenon that leads to the quitting of employees from the organization. The main factors causing the turnover intentions of employees in the organization are the job stress, role conflict and the imbalanced work life policies. The organizations with a stressful job environment can not gain a high share of profit and success because the job stress is the phenomenon that deprives the employees of their creative capabilities and so they cannot give their best

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