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impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions купить по лучшей цене

As golf has grown as an industry, new golf courses both private and public have experienced a time of growth. According to the United States Golf Course Database, there are currently 16,237 golf courses on record. (Course Database, 2007). The purpose of this study is to determine if job satisfaction rates of golf club employees and their supervisors are influenced by the perception of justice and commitment currently existing in the organization. The levels of satisfaction among line level employees, as well as the levels of satisfaction, commitment, justice, and intentions to quit among club managers and their supervisors will be assessed. For the purposes of this study we will look at all golfing staff from greens keepers to the club pros and the food and beverage staff. Four instruments (JIG, JDI, TI, & OCQ) will be employed to help appraise the situation. Job satisfaction, organizational justice climate, and organizational commitment will be evaluated to determine if a relationship exists between the three constructs, and to observe if there are distinguishable differences between public and private courses. An alternate portion of the survey will be used to assess employees intentions to leave the organization.

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