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impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions купить по лучшей цене

Making employees emotionally engaged and to derive employees Job satisfaction form the work is key factor any organization. Happy employees are productive employees.” “Happy employees are not productive employees.” We hear these conflicting statements made by HR professionals and managers in organizations. There is confusion and debate among practitioners on the topic of employee attitudes and job satisfaction even at a time when employees are increasingly important for organizational success and competitiveness. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to provide greater under standing of the research on this topic and give recommendations related to the major practitioner knowledge gaps. This provides employees an HR opportunity to contribute to business success, employee satisfaction and performance. Their role and involvement in the job satisfaction activities of the company is crucial to make job satisfaction inclusive and participatory. The business of business is making optimum utilization of resource thereby increasing its profitability and making worthwhile in its existence. This study makes an attempt to examine the job satisfaction initiatives and practice of an Indian.

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