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The term “organizational climate” was coined in 1939 following a study of children’s school clubs by Kurt Lewin and his colleagues.As for schools, climate is a necessary link between organizational structure and teacher attitude and behaviour. climate represents a composite of the meditating variables that intervene between the structure of an organization and the style and other characteristics of leaders and teacher performance and satisfaction (Sergiovanni & Starratt, 1988).The concept of attitude was first introduced by Thomas Znanicchi (1918) in their monumental study of people in transition between two cultures. People’s attitude and values have significant impact on their behaviour. Teacher’s attitude is playing very significant role as far as question of level of job satisfaction of a teacher in teaching profession is concerned. Adjustment is a continuous process that tends to bring out more or less changing attitudes throughout the individual’s life. A satisfactory adjustment is necessary for any teacher.All these variables are important to make a good teacher.Here we are going to see how all these variables affect the level of job satisfaction of teachers.
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