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impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions купить по лучшей цене

No one can deny the importance of job satisfaction in our lives. The fact that we spend a huge amount of our waking hours at work means job satisfaction will also play a huge role in our lives. Job satisfaction is one of the most widely discussed and researched topics. It is of major interest to the field of organisational behaviour and the practice of human resource management. It occupies an important place in such disciplines as industrial psychology and organisational communication etc. ‘Job satisfaction has a rich history in the management literature. Research shows that job satisfaction is related to important work-related outcomes such as organisational commitment. Job satisfaction is of tremendous significance in the study of organisational behaviour. An organisation having satisfied workers is a healthy one and has a fewer problems. It is believed and also has been proved by many research studies that job satisfaction leads to high level performance. Keeping in view the above, a study has been undertaken on the topic – A Study on Job Satisfaction of employees in Krishna District Milk Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Union Limited, Vijayawada, AP, India.

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