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impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions купить по лучшей цене

The early literature on IS Job satisfaction has held a very myopic view on the present subject. Thus, this dissertation attempts to test empirically comprehensive model proposed on Job Satisfaction of information system Professionals. The model is an extension and modification of Price and Mueller Model (1993). The model of Job satisfaction in the present study provides the insight into direction of effect for each independent variable (negative and positive) along with their explanatory power towards the dependent variables. The model has been empirically tested in both software and BPO sectors with a sample size of 308 out of which 240 respondents belong to software sector and rest 68 respondents belong to BPO sector. The findings from the generalized results are confirming the findings of the Software sector but it is completely different from the findings of BPO sector. In BPO sectors, social support and stress have high explanatory power determining Job satisfaction of IS professionals. Then it is followed by organizational climate and job characteristics to be explaining variance in job satisfaction to a significant extent.

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