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idoing special tpms newest technology car tire diagnostic tool with mini inner sensor auto support bar and psi купить по лучшей цене

This wireless tire pressure monitoring system comes with four built-in sensors and a digital monitor to monitor the tire pressure/temperature and battery power of your vehicle 24 hours every day. By employing the advanced American scale 6-in-1 wireless sensors which highly integrated pressure and temperature sensor we provide the top-of-the-line and reliable TPMS for you. Furthermore, the intuitive monitor and smart buzzer alarm will secure a safer driving experience for you. Features Reliable and easy to install. Advanced American scale 6-in-1 wireless sensors. The monitor can be charged via the car charger. Real-time pressure/temperature and vehicle battery power monitoring (displays pressure or temperature of 4 tires and vehicle battery power simultaneously). Fixed high/low pressure/temperature warnings. Instant audio alarm of abnormal pressure or temperature. Build-in high-capacity rechargeable battery. Intuitive and clear interface to display the parameters of the 4 tire in turn. Sleeping mode available, super easy to install. Improve fuel efficiency, extended tire life and avoid abnormal wear of car parts. Two pressure units(psi/bar) provide for user to select. Inter valve sensors, adjustable sensor mounting angle, water resistant. Sensors transmit pressure and temperature data every 3 seconds. Sensor batteries will last up to five years. IMPORTANT NOTE: The differences between NF and NF+ sensor are size and weight, and the battery of NF+ sensor can be replaced after running out of power, while the battery of NF sensor can not. Specifications Brand CAREUD Type Car tire pressure monitoring system Model U903 NF Input Voltage DC 8V-16V Storage Temperature -30°C-85°C Operation Temperature -20°C-80°C Frequency 433.92MHz Sensor Weight 48g(30g if not included the air faucet) Sensor Size 60 x 30 x 30 mm Display Weight 39g(cigarette connector and bracket not included) Display Size 80 x 11.5 x 38 mm Package Contents 1 x U903 Vehicle Battery Power Monitor, 1 x Velcro Holder, 1 x Wrench, 1 x Car Charger, 1 x Cigarette Lighter Connector, 4 x Integrated Sensor, 4 x Valve Mouth, 1 x Instructional Manual, 1 x Installation Manual
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