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idoing special tpms newest technology car tire diagnostic tool with mini inner sensor auto support bar and psi купить по лучшей цене

Brand: TYREDOG - Model: TD1300A-X - Quantity: 1 - Color: Black - Monitor specification: - System frequency: 433.92MHz / 315MHz (Japan) - Working voltage: DC 3V - Operation temperature: -20'C~+80'C - Battery Life: Approx. 1 year - Sensor specification: - Frequency: 433.92MHz / 315MHz (Japan) - Sensor pressure range: 0~60psi - Sensor pressure sensitivity: +/- 1psi - Sensor temperature sensitivity: +/- 2'C - Working voltage: DC 3V - Operation temperature: -40'C~125'C - The advantage of TYREDOG is 100% wireless TPMS does not require wires; Just take 3 minutes to install easily compact lightweight easy read out the information on the LCD display - With TPMS you can save up to 10 percent on fuel consumption extend tire life span for up to 13%; Greatly improves driving safety; Tire Pressure Monitoring System with monitor spare tire function is its unique valve stem cap type sensor design - Through 100% wireless technology tire pressure and temperature information is displayed on the user-friendly 1.7" LCD graphic interface - A simply smart approach to having TYREDOG 's Tire Pressure Monitoring System; It can monitor up to 4 tires and can be easily installed within minutes with hassle; The user friendly graphic interface enable the user to constantly observe and maintain their car tire in a safe condition - LCD display show the tire pressure and tire temperature; The monitor is easy to install in the car via the suction cup holder stand; Powered by car cigarette lighter power - Lightweight sensor - The power of the screen and the sensors show on the screen it will alarm as the power is low - Abnormal tire pressure alarm the screen will alarm as anyone tire pressure is lower than the setting value - As you turn on the LCD screen the sensor will send the tire pressure and tire temperature to the screen automatically - High accuracy sensor the error value is +/- 1lb - Easy to install the sensor to the air cock is OK - Anti-theft tool for sensor all electronic sensors can be locked in place to prevent theft - Packing List: - 1 x LCD receiver monitor - 4 x Sensors - 4 x CR1632 batteries - 2 x AAA batteries (1.5V) - 1 x Suction cup holder - 1 x Back clip - 1 x Car charger (280cm-cable) - 1 x Pack of accessories - 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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