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hotaudio tpms app car tire pressure monitoring system car tire diagnostic tool support bar and psi купить по лучшей цене

This system is used to send the temperature and pressure data to the video display in the vehicle. After the alert parameter is set up by the user the system will alarm in case of abnormal pressure and temperature to make the driver be aware of safety driving. The system has the effort to save fuel prolong tire life and to make the driving more comfortable. - Reliable and easy to install - Directly displays tire data on the vehicle display - Selectable pressure unit (PSI BAR) - Selectable temperature unit (C/F) - Configurable high/low pressure alert setting - Configurable high temperature alert setting - Selectable trailer ID and tractor ID - Enlargeable signal transmission in case of long distance from sensors to the receiver - Several ways for sensor coding - TPMS handheld tool coding available
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