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4 In 1 Guitar Fingertip Protectors Silicone Finger Guards For Ukulele Description: Dimension: (approx)M: 2.3* 4.5 cm (approx)L: 2.6* 4.5 cm Color: random Feature: 1. 100% non-allergenic Silicone rubber. Reusable, Durable, Washable, Stretchable, Comfortable, Snug-fit, Easy to apply and remove. 2. It is a precision molded "transitional tool "which offers the ultimate solution for sore fingers experienced when learning to play guitar, (also great for those who may play infrequently). 3. fingertip protectors / guards, allow for PAINLESS play. You can play or practice longer while your fingers continue to toughen. 4. A great "transitional tool" for beginners which still allows for "GRADUAL" Callus development. Works equally well for other stringed instruments, banjo, mandolin, ukulele. Package Included: 1x set Guitar Finger Protectors(4 pcs)

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