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WoodyKnows Super Defense Nano Nose / Nasal Filters • Reduces exposure to dust pollen dander mold germs and pollution • Offers relief from nasal allergies allergic asthma rhinitis sinusitis • Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit with soft medical-grade plastic BPA- and Phthalate-free • Advanced nano-filter replaceable every one to five days • Drug-free protection easy breathing discreet invisible design Why Choose WoodyKnows Super Defense? - Advanced nano-filter blocks 99% of pollen & dust 90% of germs & PM 2.5 pollution (Nelson Lab tested) - Natural shape and soft material for comfort and fit - Discreet invisible design - Easy breathing - Drug-free protection Select Your Size I-R: Child or very small adult nose round nostril I-S: Child or very small adult nose slotted nostril II-R: Small adult nose round nostril II-S: Small adult nose slotted nostril III-R: Medium adult nose round nostril III-S: Medium adult nose slotted nostril IV-R: Large adult nose round nostril IV-S: Large adult nose slotted nostril Comparing Super Defense Filters with Ultra Breathable Filters Ultra Breathable nasal filters efficiently block medium-sized particles like pollen and PM 20 dust with ultra-clear breathability. Super Defense nasal filters go further to block even smaller and arguably more hazardous PM 2.5 particles with very good breathability. Instructions for Use - Insert filters into nostrils with the narrow ends pointed towards the top of your nose - Wear 24 hours a day or as needed - Replace disposable filters every one to five days - Note: Washing filter material may reduce the filter efficacy Others - Packaging Contents: 3 filter frames and 6 pairs of replacement filters manual - Please search WoodyKnows on this website for replacement filters Woody Knows Your Nose!
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