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This book discusses and compares the effect of culture on the different definitions and management of infertility and its treatment by different actors in both a modernising and late modern society with Nigeria and Britain as case studies. It begins with an introduction of the issue by examining the different definitions of the condition and the infertility situation in both societies with their causes. The two health systems and available treatments are examined along with the determinants of help seeking by affected couples. Studying and comparing the different experiences of infertile couples in both countries and how culture determines or interferes with choice of treatment achieved this. Also the social consequences of being infertile in societies that are so interested in procreation are examined. The study reveals that culture to some extent affects the perception of infertility and it’s chosen remedies. From the answers to the questions drawn from the study, it is clear that infertility is a common issue in both societies and can be a traumatic experience for the couple involved, and treatment-seeking behaviour determinants vary (not totally gendered, as it may seem).

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